Guild Rules

These rules guide members of Mara's Moxie in behavior, interaction, and philosophy. We invite all members to contribute suggestions and feedback on the rules. Above and beyond the written rules, we ask that you use your judgement to best represent all of Mara's followers.

Bank Etiquette

The guild bank is a resource that we all share to improve our members and, ultimately, our standing in Cyrodiil. 


Due to limits on the size of the guild bank, we ask you to deposit only those items that meet the following requirements:

  • Green or better armor and weapons
  • Crafting materials (one stack)
  • One or no same armor or weapons


Out of respect for the needs of the other members, we ask that you withraw items based on the following circumstances:

  • To create crafted items out of stored materials
  • To enhance existing items
  • As a loan to be repaid with items of equal or better value


From time to time, officers perform maintenance on the bank to ensure enough space for the most useful items. If you feel that items were inappropriately removed, please message that player before taking the matter to the guild officers. 

PVP Etiquette

Though a harsh battle rages in the heart of Tamriel, we choose to be as civil as possible. We engage our enemies honorably and nobly. 


We trust our members to resolve matters on their own. However, whenever actions are detrimental to the guild, we may choose judicial mediation. Members who are guilty of violating guild rules may encounter such consequences as demotion, suspension, or dismissal from the guild.


Participation in Mara's Moxie guild and use of the Mara's Moxie website, Facebook, forum, or other media indicates consent to abide by the Guild Rules. Any objection or exception to the Guild Rules should be brought to the attention of the Council Members.

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